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OmniSwitch 6900 Core Switch

Designed for networks needing extremely low latency, compact, non-blocking core switches and reliable data center infrastructure.

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6900 is your compact, secure core switch and data center switch, featuring virtual chassis capabilities to simplify management. These high-density switches are designed for demanding software-defined operations.


  • Meet and exceed the needs of extremely high demand data centre or campus networks
  • Converge physical and virtualized data centre operations
  • Provide Autonomous Network with fully automated layer 2 and layer 3 network operations.
  • Enhance your network security with profile-based segmentation and traffic filtering policies


  • Advanced L3 routing: VRF, Multicast, IPv4 and IPv6
  • Data centre deployment with Lossless Ethernet and VXLAN gateway in the hardware
  • SDN programmable through OVSDB, OpenStack, RESTful API, Python, Ansible.
  • Zero-touch provisioning and network automation works with any network device that supports widely used standard protocols
  • Universal Network Profiles and Orchestrated Policy based VM movement
  • Automatic Fabric creation and Virtual chassis, SPB-M, IP routing protocols

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