Address: Rukan Sentra Niaga, Green Lake City Blok G No 3, Jakbar Indonesia
OmniAccess Stellar 1261
A high performance 802.11ac wave2 access point used in outdoor settings for enterprise deployments of all sizes.
OmniAccess Stellar 1451
A premium high-end access point with Wi-Fi 6E technology that brings you faster speeds, wider channels and lower latency.
OmniAccess Stellar 1431
A premium Wi-Fi 6E access point that provides high-efficiency and high-performance for high client density environments.
OmniAccess Stellar 1411
A premium Wi-Fi 6E access point that delivers excellent connectivity, coverage and performance.
OmniAccess Stellar 1331
A Wi-Fi 6 premium high-end AP for dense and high capacity needs of next generation mobility and IoT-enabled networks.
OmniAccess Stellar 1320 Series
An 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) enabled high performance indoor access point.